PFS Concerts Move to New Venue

PFS concerts are moving to Reedwood Friends Church, 2901 SE Steele St., in Portland. Our March 16 show was the first at this new location.


( Go here for an interactive map.)

We are moving to Reedwood Friends for several reasons, among them that we can once again have all our concert activities on a single floor. Reedwood can seat up to 200 and its kitchen and bathrooms are immediately adjacent. Their huge parking lot provides access to the room through lot-level doors with no stairs.

exterior shot
We can have refreshments during our concerts!

Performers will have a green room readily accessible from the hall or the stage.

If we anticipate a larger crowd, we can use Reedwood's spacious and beautiful Worship Center, which can seat up to 375 and features comfortable seating, great acoustics and beautiful lighting.

interior shot
We are excited about this move and hope everyone will enjoy the space and facilities.

Doors open at 7:00, concert starts at 7:30.